The Mysterious Bermuda triangle


Situated between the Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico, the triangle shaped region swallows anything that passes through it.  Yeah, it is the Bermuda triangle! In the last century alone, over 1,000 ships and planes have disappeared without a trace within the 500000 square miles of the Bermuda triangle.


Bermuda Triangle


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Google's Co-Founder Sergey Brin Is Building A Massive Airship


Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google is working on a gigantic airship "secretly" at one of the NASA centers and even though he denied of that, media is following around and after all, it may be real.

This Gigantic Airship is mainly being built for humanitarian missions mainly for supplying cargo and food all over the world. Here is everything we know about this airship.

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Avatar's New Theme Park Is Opened And It Looks Marvalleous


Avatar, the movie that changed the face of Hollywood can now be experienced live with the new Disney theme park that features Pandora, the world of Avatar. This new theme park which is being built for many years is at last open for a vacation. 

Avatar Theme Park

Avatar, released in the year 2009 mesmerised the whole world with beautiful sceneries of the planet Pandora and the unique lives there, the N'avi. Directed by James Cameroon, Titanic fame, the movie topped the chart of blockbusters in no time.

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Xiaomi Opened Its First Store in India


Xiaomi after its huge success in India is looking to improve its footprint in the country. As a part of this, the company is looking to establish Mi stores all over the major cities of the country. Like its competitor, OnePlus which established a store in Bengaluru, Xiaomi did the same thing by first entering into the Tech hub of India, Bengaluru.

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Amazon's New Office and Retail Complex: Biodomes

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon wanted to improve the footprint of Amazon in its hometown Seattle, Washington USA. Amazon wanted to build a large campus at the centre of Seattle many years back, With the proposal accepted in the year 2013, Amazon since then is trying to make the construction distinct.

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The Top 3 Narrowest Streets in The World!


The world is quite a small place, people say, especially with the advancement of technology. However, did you even know that there are some streets in the world which are so narrow that you will collide head on with the person coming from the opposite direction if you were walking blindfolded down the street? Unbelievable, isn’t it? Well, to tell you the truth, these restricted spaces in the forms of streets do exist on the face of the earth and, thus, make the world a closely knit community!

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The Lonar Crater Lake – An underrated and underexplored scientific marvel in India


A crater lake in India!

What am I talking about? I am talking about a lake which was created a by a meteor crash about 5000 years ago. This lake, discovered in the year 1823 and known today as the Lonar Crater Lake, is a must visit for people who would never associate India with craters and meteors!

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The Chitrakoot Waterfalls – The Niagara Falls of India


Thinking of visiting the Niagara Falls and getting lost amidst the sound of the free roaring water? Why not give poor India a chance before you get there! India is no less than Canada when it comes to massive waterfalls. So before you land up in Niagara, make a plan and visit the Chitrakoot Falls in Chattisgarh.


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