India's Ambitious Push Towards To Electric Vehicles: A 10,000 Crore Initiative


It's official. The change or at least the inception of the change is happening now. The ambitious project of India to go all-electric by 2030 witnessed its first initiative. As Coal and Mines Minister of India, Piyush Goal announced a month ago, the government came up with a green initiative.

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Volvo Will Stop Making Diesel Engines Soon And Will Shift To All-Electric Cars

It is a bad time for Internal Combustion (IC) engines and it may turn worse in the coming years. The usage of fossil fuels for power was once the greatest achievement humans achieved and the world is now moving on forward. The future of cars is now Electric vehicles (EVs).

Volvo, the leading Sweden-based car manufacturer now promised that they will stop diesel engines manufacturing in the coming years. The company is willing to set its crosshairs on the EV technology. 

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The Boring Company: Not So Boring


Innovation is what propels human race forward. It makes humans step up their game and live the life they dream of. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla is one of the few people that start their day with a plan for innovation. He is one of the rarest class of humans who has a crazy idea (almost impossible) and tries to make them a reality.

Elon Musk who with these crazy ideas alone changed the face of Energy, Transportation and Space Exploration in the last few years. Some of his ideas changed to reality are:

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India To Go All Electric in Making Cars By 2030


India, the second most populous country is also one of the world’s largest automobile manufacturer and consumer. With Indian manufacturers leading the market namely Tata, Maruti Suzuki, Mahindra and their Asian neighbour companies Hyundai, Nissan, Toyota and various other companies, India has a large market for automobiles.

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The Mystery around Konark sun temple


The sun temple is situated in Konark, a town in the district of Puri, Orissa. The temple was constructed in 1255 CE according to the dates of Julian calendar. Sun is the main god of the temple and the temple is designed like the chariot of the sun. The temple is one of the UNESCO heritage sites and also one of the Seven wonders of India. The temple is known for its amazing aesthetics and design besides the mystery about which we will be talking later in this article.


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