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Chhappan Bhog

The Vedas and Puranas that sang the holy verses in praise of the hindu deities and rituals did mention the four division or tirtha places where the lord Vishnu was believed to carry out his daily works that included a holy bath in Rameswaram, a peaceful meditation at Badrinath, a pure sathvic meal at Puri dham and then relaxing at Dwarka. The Mahaprasadam from the puri dham is considered as holy and the food cooked on fire wood by 400 cooks amalgamating the pious ingredients on over 200 fireplaces in the biggest kitchen of the world ever serving 10,000 devotees on average everyday is first taken as offerings to Lord Jagarnath, lord Bhalabhadra and goddess Shubhadra later to goddess Bimla and then taken to the sale point called Anand Bazar where the rest people get their parts. The magical thing about the mahaprasadam is that it is believed to be having no effect on human olfactory organs before being served to Lords but gets an aromatic aura once the offering is done and the food is taken for sale which proves an enchanting divinity.


The Mahaprasadam is 56 varieties in total and is prepared each and every day. best part about this is it involves a very unique cooking style and is considered holy which doesn’t have garlic, onions, potato, tomato, mushrooms and is completely a vegan affair. The 56 interesting dishes are a must to be known about and tasted at least once in lifetime.


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  1. Ukhuda
    it is the puffed rice sweetened by jaggery and savoured as a snack in odia homes.
  2. Nadia Kora
    This is a famous laddu made out of coconut scrapes and sweetened by sugar or jaggery.
  3. Khua
    It is a hardened form of condensed milk which is a highly rich dish.
  4. Dahi
    It is the simple yogurt freshly prepared every day.
  5. Pachila Kadali
    That is nothing but the most beneficial ripe bananas.
  6. Kanika
    It is one of the most loved dishes prepared out of boiled rice flavoured and sweetened with a caramelised look.
  7. Tata Khechudi
    The simple dry khichdi prepared in most Indian houses is also an offering.
  8. Mendha Mundia
    It is a special type of sweet cake prepared traditionally on firewoods and mud utensils.
  9. Bada Kanti
    This is yet another beautifully textured sweet cake made of moong dal and coconut scrapes. 
  10. Matha Puli
    This is an odia version of French crepes and is much of a pancake that is mildly sweetened.
  11. Hamsa Keli
    It is a typical dish which is considered a sweet cake and is a wonder dish.
  12. Jhili
    This is a sweet prepared from cottage cheese and sugar syrup that is a secret recipe of some lucky families who inherited it from ancestors.
  13. Enduri
    It is a type of steamed plain rice cake, near to the south Indian idli.
  14. Ada Pachedi
    This is pure ginger paste.
  15. Saga Bhaja
    The simple fried spinach that is flavoured with little condiments and has a great smell.
  16. Kadali Bhaja
    This is the plain cooked unripe bananas.
  17. Maricha Ladoo
    This is a rare sweet made from chillis.
  18. Sana Pitha
    This is a little sweet cake made of rice powder.
  19. Bara/ Vada
    This is the odia version of donuts made from soaked urad dal and rice.
  20. Arisha
    This is a sweet cake made from rice powder batter and other condiments that add flavour and taste.
  21. Bundia
    The sweetened little granules of all purpose flour that is also usd to make ladoos.
  22. Pakhala Oria
    This is prepared from rice that is slightly fermented in water and has a tangy taste.
  23. Khiri
    This is the favourite dessert served pan india and is mad efrom rice and milk.
  24. Kadamba
    This is a sweet dish made of powdered beaten rice and sweet milk.
  25. Pat manohar
    It is a relished sweet made from milk solids and jaggery.
  26. Takuuaa
    This sweet has a shape of the tongue and is made of jaggery.
  27. Bhaga Pitha
    It is a simple sweet cake offered to lords
  28. Gotai
    This is a soft cake which has a salty and simple taste.
  29. Dalma
    This is treated as an idiosyncrasy of odia kitchens and is specifically an odia dish made of all vegetables boiled in dal and tempered with mustard and cumin seeds.
  30. Bada kakera
    This is that odia sweet cake that is cooked almost on every festival of odisa. This is made of boiled semolina deep fried in oil or ghee.
  31. Luni khuruma
    It is the cracker biscuits which has a salty taste and simple flavours.
  32. Amalu
    It is a soft sweet and flavoured dessert famously called the “malpua” and it usually prepared with sugar syrups, bananas and flour.
  33. Suar pitha
    This is a soft half burnt cake popular in many odia homes as the poda pitha which is slightly sweetened and eaten as a snack.
  34. Biri buha
    This is basically a sweet soft cake made of black gram.
  35. Jhadai nadaa
    These a simple round and spongy and spherical cake cakes served as a sweet.
  36. Khasta puri
    This is a deep fried crispy and subtle taste snack cooked mainly in the city of puri.
  37. Kadali bara
    This are donuts made of unripe bananas and plantains.
  38. Sana arisa
    This a half hard and little brittle cake deep fried in vegetable oil and served as snack.
  39. Sakar
    This is basically a paste made of few spices and eaten with meals.
  40. Poda pitha
    This is a popular delicacy during festivals in odisha and it prepared in a unique way of using banana leaves to cover the cake while it is roasted in wooden or mud stoves.
  41. Kanji
    This is a sour taste dish made of properly cooked rice and curd which is tempered with mustard and curry leaves.
  42. Dahi pakhala
    This being a saviour to odia families in summer since ages, this is basically rice curd and water that is believed to be to for health.
  43. Bada arisha
    This is large sized sweet fried cake that is not totally soft but chewy.
  44. Tripuri
    This dish is a sweet prepared from filling the cake in three stages with different layers.
  45. Sakara
    This is a hard candy made out of drying sugar syrup.
  46. Sooji khiri
    The sweet dish made out of boiled milk and semolina drizzled with dry fruits and is savoured all over odisha.
  47. Muga shijha
    This is a very decent and simple dish where the moong dal or green gram is boiled and eaten.
  48. Manohar
    This is a very rare and exotic sweet dish served to lord and is considered royal.
  49. Magaja ladu
    This is a sweet made of wheat flour and pure ghee along with sugar crystals.
  50. Pana
    This is a juice made of fruits and milk along with black pepper and cloves.
  51. Anna
    This is a normal plain rice which has a flavourful smell and is considered the main mahaprasadam.
  52. Ghee anna
    As the name goes it is plain rice cooked with ghee.
  53. Dali
    This is the simple dal cooked and has a slight sweet taste.
  54. Besar
    This is a rich vegetable curry dish that is freshly flavoured.
  55. Mahura
    This is a well cooked vegetable curry tempered with the mustard.
  56. Saga
    This is spinach cooked nicely with moong dal and eaten with the meals after offering the deities.


The chappan bhog tradition has been ruling over the temple and the state since years unimagined. The tradition is simply worth knowing an understanding as for all the food lovers out this is something you must go ahead and try once in lifetime at least. The lord blesses all and is surely one so is the unity of all foodies.

Jay jagganath!! 

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