4 Space Companies To Look Out Other Than NASA

Space Exploration


Space Exploration is one of the greatest achievements of mankind. We have come a long way since man first tried to just fly in the air. Now we are so confident of our achievements, we are trying to colonize other planets and search for life in the Universe.

Even though these two may take a long time to be real, we still have exploration in Solar System remaining. For most people, Space exploration means NASA and NASA mean Space.exploration. So, we are here to let you know 4 other Space Agencies to look out for. They may come in small packages but deliver big in terms of achievements. 

This list is numbered in terms of achievements.

4. Blue Origin

Blue Origin
Blue Origin

Based in the USA, this is a private space organization owned by Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon. Here are some quick facts about the company:

  • The name refers to Earth which will be the origin for further expansion
  • Has a motto "Gradatim Ferociterwhich means step-by-step, ferociously
  • Specializes in rocket-powered vertical take-off and vertical landing
  • Its Spacecraft New Shepard is its most successful one with the first and second versions consecutively being successful for 7 times
  • Have collaborations with NASA and DARP

3. China National Space Administration (CNSA)


CNSA is China's space agency established in the year 1993. Here are this hugely-funded space agency's quick facts:

  • The logo itself has a lot to tell - The arrow at the center is Chinese character for people which means people are at the center of this space exploration
  • The three elliptical rings denote Escape velocity needed to reach orbit, to escape Earth system and to escape solar system respectively. The second ring is made bold to mark that China passed the first two.
  • The olive branches indicate that China does space exploration in peace
  • Its objectives are to established a crewed space station, crewed lunar base and unmanned mission to Mars
  • 17 Launch Vehicles are developed/being developed by CNSA
  • Known for its Project 921, Lunar Exploration Program (4 phases) and Mars Exploration program

2. SpaceX


Based in California, USA and founded in the year 2002, It is a private company headed by aspiring entrepreneur Elon Musk who is the CEO of Tesla Motors. Here are some quick facts:

  • Known for Falcon launch vehicle family and Dragon spacecraft family
  • Specializes in reusable rockets and vertical landing and take-off
  • Have 8 achievements that were first in that field which include First relaunch and landing of a used orbital rocket, first controlled flyback and recovery of a payload fairing and much more
  • SpaceX have collaborations with NASA and ISS
  • Has a goal for colonizing Mars

1. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)


Founded in the year 1962 and run by Government of India, it is one of the oldest space organization and here are some quick facts:

  • Known for low-cost and high successful rate projects
  • Aryabhatta is its first satellite completely built in India
  • Its projects include PSLV, GSLV, SLV, ASLV, INSAT etc.
  • Chandrayaan. a part of the lunar mission made India one of the six countries to reach the moon which is a rare feat
  • ISRO shocked the world when it reached Mars on the first attempt using Mangalyan which costs much cheaper than the Hollywood movie "Gravity"
  • ISRO achieved a rare feat when it launched 104 satellites on a single Spacecraft

These Space Agencies are no less than NASA in terms of achievements made and if thy recieve the same funding NASA receives, there is no doubt we will be a lot more steps closer to our goal of Space colonization


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