Google I/O Keynote 2017: Highlights

Google I/O Keynote

It is that time of year again. A lot of events, conferences, and keynotes fro various big companies. We already witnessed the new products and services from its various events and now it is the turn of Google to wow the users. 

Known as Google I/O Conference, the 2017 event spans for three days and we have already learned most of Google's plan for the future in the developers keynote with a good intro by the CEO Sundar Pichai. The keynote became a center stage for various announcements and future upgrades mainly for Android and the Googles' own A.I assistant - Google Assistant.

Keynote Highlights

The keynote spanning over 2 hours might be pretty overwhelming and so we summarized the important features and upgrades here. If you are willing to watch the session, you can watch it here.

Google IO 2017
Google IO 2017

Google Assistant

The artificial intelligent assistant by Google is getting a lot of major features. The following are the major upgrades to the "Ok Google" assistant:

  • Google Lens - This is a camera that resides in the Google assistant and can give all the information about the object in the camera window. For example, one can point at a flower and know its name, point at a building and know its name, directions, and address. The number of applications is unlimited.
  • The Google Assistant can now translate major languages into English or vice versa thanks to the google lens in real time.
  • Google Assistant is now available for all devices including the Apple iPhone
  • A Google Assistant Software Development Kit (SDK) can make integrating the virtual assistant into any device possible
  • Google Assistant can now support shopping, payments, and transactions. Order right away from the Google Assistant and pay using your saved cards and can be authorized by your fingerprint.

Google Home

The Google Assistant- powered speaker is now much more interactive and intelligent. The major upgrades are:

  • Proactive Assistance - Google Home gets activates itself showing visual cues and when asked gives various suggestions and advice like a heavy traffic in the area with let Google Home suggests you to start early.
  • Google Home can now support Hands-free Calling to any landline or phone and linking your phone number will make the experience better. Presently, the feature is only available in USA and Canada and will soon make its way.
  • It shows your calendar and activities planned
  • Supports Bluetooth audio playing


  • Notification Dots on an app icon to denote the recent notification
  • Auto-fill in all apps and websites
  • Picture-in-Picture mode
  • Improved copying clipboard
  • Improved OS optimization
  • Improved phone vitals monitoring with fast


  • Google lens integration
  • Google Photobooks now at $ 9.99 USD
  • Suggested Sharing

Daydream VR

Daydream VR now available to Samsung S8 and S8+ and new standalone VR headset will hit the markets

Google IO will last three days
Google IO will last three days

The Keynote showcased the goals Google is having with innovation being the main drive. If we have to learn something from the company, it is the constant updates in its every line-up never giving up on anything. 


SOURCE: Verge and Google Events

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