All You Need To Know About Android O

Android O is in Developer's preview

Google made a lot of promises. Some were brought to life, some were scraped off. But there is one thing that Google will never disappoint users. It is Android. The tech giant never gives up on its smartphone operating system. Android which has a large user base all over the world never gets ignored.

Now it's that time of year again where Google will introduce a newer version of Android. Now, the Android version reached the alphabet O. It is the 15th android version to be released. Let us have a quick peek into the previous android versions.

Android Versions

Interestingly Google started the alphabet-dessert game from the alphabet C which is third in the release list. The list goes as follows:

  1. Android 1.0 (2008)
  2. Android 1.1 (2009)
  3. Android 1.5 - Cupcake (2009)
  4. Android 1.6 - Donut (2009)
  5. Android 2.0-2.1 - Eclair (2009)
  6. Android 2.2-2.2.3 - Froyo (2010)
  7. Android 2.3–2.3.7 - Gingerbread (2010)
  8. Android 3.0-3.2.6 - Honeycomb (2011)
  9. Android 4.0-4.0.4 - Icecream Sandwich (2011)
  10. Android 4.1-4.3.1 - Jellybean (2012)
  11. Android.4.4 - Kitkat (2013)
  12. Android 5.1-5.1.1 - Lollipop (2014)
  13. Android 6.0-6.0.1 - Marshmallow (2015)
  14. Android 7.0-7.1.2 - Nougat (2016)
  15. Android 8.0 - O (Oreo maybe) (To be Declared)
Android O
Android O

Android O

The OS is presently in developer's preview (1st one) which started on 21 March 2017. There will be four previews prior to the final release each stage acting as a development phase. While the first and second stages denote alpha and beta stages, the fourth one will witness API development and the fifth one contains testing of the Android version.

The timeline of the Android O is given as below

Android O Timeline
Android O Timeline

The Android O developer preview official images can be downloaded for the following device:

  • Nexus 5X
  • Nexus 6P
  • Nexus Player
  • Pixel
  • Pixel XL
  • Pixel C

Changes in Android O

A lot of changes are going to take place mostly with the UI interaction, and all these as taken from Google Official website is summarized as follows:

  • Notifications - Snooze Notifications by half-swiping the notification, Notification channels to categorize notifications and Change the Background color of Notifications
  • Auto-fill Framework - Better integration with all apps and websites for easy auto-filling your data to save time and effort
  • Picture-in-Picture mode - After a long time, Google added this mode where we can view one video in the window of another video which is already available on Android TV
  • New Theming Options
  • Button Customisation
  • Improved accessories support mainly physical keyboards
  • Revamped Settings structure for a more cleaner and easier operation
  • Better Battery Life with Background app control and more
Android O will hit soon
Android O will hit soon

It looks like Google has heard all the feedback and is trying to make the Android a perfect operating system. Android is a near perfect operating system, a perfect one for normal people which made smartphone operation much simpler and smarter. Let us hope, Android O will hit most of the phones earlier, unlike Nougat. And what name do you think will be better for this version? 


SOURCE: Android Developer

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