Uttar Pradesh will be heaven if BJP complete the Promised Ache Din

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BJP has created a history by winning Uttar Pradesh (U.P) elections in 2017, with massive 325 seats out of 403 seats. This is really a massive victory by BJP under the leadership of Mr. Narendra Modi Ji. The previous ruling party SP (Samajwadi Party) led by Mr. Akhilesh Yadav and BSP(Bahujan Samaj party) led by Ms. Mayawati could never thought of this result. As BJP clean sweep everyone.


During the election campaign of U.P, BJP promised a lot of promises. While some of them are difficult to implement, and some of them might be a typical "Political Jumla". Every party list down their promises and many of the promises always gets ignored by a party when came in power. People gets attracted by these promises, and it's a big challenge for BJP to complete them.

We have to see, how BJP will keep their promises. If they don't, people are very smart and will show them their way in next election.


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What BJP promised during Election Campaign 2017

Waive off Loans for Farmers

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BJP promises that they will waive off loans of marginal farmers if they come to power. They said this in almost every rally they did in Uttar Pradesh. According to them, it will be done in their first meeting. They also said that they will be offered zero interest loan for marginal farmers.

While this is a long ask of the whole country where farmers were committing suicides, the government should waive-off their loans, where people like Mallya take wrong benefits of country money, but poor are sufferings. We have to see how BJP will complete this. And, if this is done, they will be all praise worthy.


Laptop for Students

Well, this was also done by Akhilesh Yadav (SP). At that time, BJP criticizes this move, but they are doing this now. BJP said they will distribute free laptops to students without any parity. This will also a big challenge. Akhilesh Yadav distributed around 15 Lakh laptops across Uttar Pradesh during his time.


1 GB free data for Students

BJP promised to provide 1 GB free data to students of Uttar Pradesh.


Free Wi-Fi in College and Universities

This will also a big work to do when they will come in power. The question is how and when they will do this, and it will a big gain for colleges if BJP will do this. In a country, where internet speed is not so good and is costly too. It will be interesting to see this move getting completed in a big state like Uttar Pradesh.

This move seems to be inspired from Kejriwal, where he promised free wifi in Delhi and which is yet to be completed. Especially young people really liked this idea of BJP.


Free Education till class 12th for Boys and till graduation for girls

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BJP also promised to provide completely free education for all girls till graduation, and free till 12th class for boys. For boys, it can extend to graduation if they score more than 50 percent in 12th standard. This will be a good move if implemented correctly.


24 hours Electricity

This will be really tough to implement in a state like Uttar Pradesh, where there are many cities where long cuts are a regular thing. In the city like Ghaziabad, electricity cuts for 5-10 hours daily is a daily affair. And, providing 24 hours electricity will be a big dream for the residents.

This will be an almost impossible task for BJP, but they promised it with some thought in their mind.


Police in 15 minutes

Proper implementation of law and orders was on the priority list of BJP. They regularly target Akhilesh Yadav (SP) for the crime rate in Uttar Pradesh, and we also know the condition of law and order in Uttar Pradesh.

According to BJP, police will be available within 15 minutes after calling. Well, this seems like a filmy thing, but time will tell how serious BJP in implementing this promise. But, this will definitely a big boost for Uttar Pradesh.


Completion of Ram Temple (Ram Mandir)

This is the most controversial thing in the history of Indian Politics. BJP reiterated this every time, that they will construct Ram Temple (Ram Mandir). But, in their manifesto, they have mentioned that "they will explore this possibility under the provisions of the constitution". 

Well, time will tell whether Ram Temple is being constructed or not. And, a common man of India doesn't care whether this will built or not. But, some political parties has created this issue a big thing in Indian Politics. And, we are hearing about this from last almost 10 years.

There will be no surprise If this is not getting constructed in next 5 years. Political parties are expert in giving reasons for not doing things.


Triple Talaq

BJP said that they will discuss with Muslim women on this issue, and will take a decision after that. BJP promised to oppose this law in court.


Anti Romeo team

They promised to create an Anti-Romeo team to help girls and women. In a state where these kind of incidents are common, BJP has a plan to create a team to take action against this kind of incidents.


In the End

Every political party shows this kind of dreams to the common man, and people trapped in them. Although it is their duty to complete them. But, in India, there is no such law that people can throw a government if they are not fulfilling their promised.

But, if BJP will be able to fulfill even 60% of them, it will be considered good. And, people will be really happy with their decision to vote for BJP.


Uttar Pradesh will be a heaven if these promises will be kept


We will have to wait and watch how BJP will proceed and work for people of Uttar Pradesh.

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