Do you know about Plastic Surgeries

Plastic Surgery


The first thing to understand about plastic surgery is that it has nothing to do with plastics. The surgery is named after a Greek word ‘plastikos’ which means ‘mould’ or ‘to give a physical form’. Plastic surgeries are used to mold the body parts to the desired form and hence the name. Plastic surgeries use cultured tissues or the tissues removed from the other parts of the body like a clay material to augment the body parts the way you wish. This technique of removing and adding tissues from one area to the other is called grafting.


Types of grafting

Most plastic surgeries involve skin grafting. Grafting can be classified into various types based on where the tissue is taken from. These tissues are called grafts.

  • Autografts: Grafts are taken from the body parts of the recipient. (Human to self)

  • Allografts: Grafts are taken from different individuals of the same species. (Human to human)

  • Xenografts: Grafts are taken from an individual of a different species. (Animal to human)

Plastic surgeries and cosmetic surgeries are not the same


Cosmetic Surgery


The next thing to understand is that plastic surgeries and cosmetic surgeries are not the same. Cosmetic surgeries are just a type of plastic surgery which is done to modify the shape of the body parts only for the enhancement of looks. For example: when plastic surgeries are taken to change the shape of your face only because you don’t like your original shape, it is called a cosmetic surgery. When the same surgery is done to change the shape of a face that is deformed after an accident, it is called plastic surgery. Though the results are same for both the surgeries, the needs are different.


Plastic surgeries are not as simple as you think

Plastic surgeries are not as simple as you think. It takes a lot of tolerance to bear the pain and a lot of patience to get the results. Cosmetic surgeries are mostly taken by the people as a result of their mere obsession for better looks. Almond shaped eyes, sharp nose, and full lips are being considered the stereotypic beauty for years. Beauty has become a thirst that can never be quenched and people keep pushing themselves forward to look better and better. It is not just the gym where we find people working hard for the perfect body but the hospitals too. There are a lot of different cosmetic surgeries and here are the notorious few:


1. Liposuction

Let us split the term Lipo + suction. Lipo refers to the word ‘lipid’ which means fat. So liposuction means sucking the fat out of the body. Liposuction involves the insertion of thin tubes into the fat layers beneath the skin and sucking the fat using a vacuum pump.  These tubes are called cannula. The latest techniques also employ ultrasonic waves that melt the fat before sucking them out. The melted fat gets sucked easily by the vacuum device.


But liposuction is not always a good idea because:  

  • Liposuction is not a permanent cure for fat accumulation. The fats tend to restore in the body after a few months. A regular diet and exercise are required to prevent this from happening.

  • Not everybody is an eligible candidate for liposuction. The candidate must be above 18 years of age, have a good health, must maintain a balanced diet and an exercise routine and should not have diabetes.

  • Liposuction can also bring side effects like pain, scars, bruises, swelling, numbness etc. On the whole, liposuction is never a good alternative to dieting and exercise.

2. Lip augmentation

Full lips are considered to be the most attractive lips all over the world. Plastic surgery done in lips is called lip augmentation or simply as lip job. This involves scraping out tissues from the other parts of the body and transplanting them into the lips to make it bigger and look fuller.


3. Hair transplantations

Hair Transplant

Hair transplantations are done by inserting the healthy hair follicles in the place of the follicles of the balding area. The hair grafts are usually taken from the recipient itself.


4. Eye color alteration

Cosmetic lenses are nowadays being replaced by plastic surgeries. It is now possible to change the eye color permanently using silicone implants. This technique is developed by Dr. Kenneth Rosenthal from New York. The folded implants are inserted into the eye through a small cut. The implant then melts into proper shape when it goes inside the eye. Iris gives the color of your eyes. This silicone implant alters the color of iris permanently.


5. Skin color alteration

It is even possible to change the color of your skin using gene therapy. In gene therapy, the therapists take out a portion of genetic material from your body and alter the portion that gives you your pigment. The gene thus altered is put into the body again. This material influences the entire body and changes the color from the DNA.


6. Rhinoplasty

It is not just about the skin and muscles but also the bones that are sculpted to bring the body to the desired shape. Just removing a small bump on the nose requires a very keen and intense surgery that can only be done by the experts. The plastic surgery done to change the shape of the nose is called rhinoplasty. Check out this video to see how rhinoplasty is done.


Famous celebrities like Megan fox, Kim Kardashian, Anushka Sharma and many others have taken plastic surgeries. Plastic surgeries are not a piece of cake. It is not just about paying ounces of cash but involves a lot of risk, patience, and tolerance. So keep this in mind before criticizing the celebrities who undergo plastic surgeries just to present themselves to you with enhanced looks. Good day :)


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