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Since its debut, Google is known for creating revolutions in the tech industry.  Be it hardware or softwareGoogle never failed to make a mark in any domain it entered. Especially in India Google has got fans all over who wait for the Google products one after the other. Gmail, YouTube, Google+, chrome browser etc. are the obvious products of Google but there is a lot more interesting stuff that Google has brought to the world. Let us discuss a few such innovations.

Google’s latest products and updates

To start with, let us talk about the latest hottie of Google, the Pixel smartphone. The trending Pixel is rated to have the world's best mobile camera. Also, the Allo app now brings with it an incognito chat option where the users can decide when they want their messages to expire.

Google Allo

The autonomous self-driving cars are one of the jaw-dropping technologies that Google has ever developed. Waymo is an autonomous car manufacturing company under Google's parent company Alphabet Inc that takes care of the self-driving car project. Waymo initially focused on automating the vehicle that used third party hardware but now started to make its own hardware. Fiat Chrysler is the first minivan to be integrated with the Waymo’s self-driving hardware suite. These cars keep themselves updated with the traffic on the way and at the destination by using Google maps.


Recently, Chinese company LeEco proclaimed to roll out its android smart bikes in the US by the second quarter of this year.The idea of driverless cars sounds economic when considering the wages paid to a driver. But the automatic bicycles sound even better due to their eco-friendliness and energy efficiency. These bicycles are loaded with a handful of sensors to detect traffic and maintain their safety.  They come preinstalled with a Google map by virtue of which you can send a command to the bicycle to come to your location automatically. The stability maintenance system helps the bicycle to adjust its position in such a way that the bicycle stays stable despite the bad condition of the road.



Google’s recent acquisitions and partnerships

  • Fabric
    Google acquires twitter’s developer products including a crash reporting service called Fabric. On 18th Jan 2017, Google announced that it is going to integrate Fabric with its web development platform called Firebase.

Google Twitter Logos
  • VR and AR
    Tango and Daydream are the hottest products of Google that are hitting the market of AR and VR respectively. The reputed companies Huawei and Asus Tek co-announced their Tango and Daydream products.



  • Limes Audio
    Google acquired a ten-year-old Swedish audio processing company called Limes Audio to enhance the quality of its voice calls. The company has been providing audio processing services to the best companies in the world and this acquisition of Google promises a real high quality on voice calls.

  • Toontastic 3D
    Google recently launched this digital puppet theater-like app to enable kids to make their own animation stories just by moving the characters around. The app launch was announced by the company Launchpad Toys which was acquired by Google two years ago.


Discontinued Google products

  • Hangouts on air
    Google discontinued this live video streaming platform in September 2016 and recommends its users use YouTube live stream instead

  • Picasa
    Google would no longer support Picasa as it wants to fully focus on Google Photos. Google has also tried killing Panoramio in this attempt.

  • Google compare
    Google compare enable the users to compare a lot of insurers, credit card companies, and mortgage lenders. But Google pulled the entity's plug off in march 2016.

  • Project  Ara
    This project intended to build customizable smart phones. The tech giant dropped this project too.

  • Nexus products
    The Company seems to have no plans for further nexus products. Perhaps to fully focus on bringing the best out of the Pixel products.




Future plans

After the hit of YouTube offline, Google is expected to launch Google maps offline. Google’sCEO Sundar Pichai claims India to be the best test market that could predict the extent of its success all over the world. The demonetization of old currencies has brought a cash crisis and this is when the e-money apps are showing up. Google is expected to use this opportunity to bring something new to the table. Google’s upcoming smart watches are expected to take over the Apple’s digital crown. The next generation android wears are expected to be launched this February.


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  Since its debut, Google is known for creating revolutions in the tech industry.  Be it hardware or softwareGoogle never failed to make a mark in any domain it entered.…

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