Campus Recruitments are on- Get ready!!!

Campus Recruiting


The Placement season is up and the pre-final year engineering students are already on fire. Engineering graduates are surplus and the companies desire to pick the best of the best. This is the reason why the companies have increased the difficulty levels of the recruitment tests and as a result, recruitments in India are dropped by 40%. But don’t panic, you will find the right guidance in this article and following these will ensure you 100% success in your campus recruitments.  It is time to leave behind all the fun and make yourselves ready for the placements. Let’s discuss how:

1. Make an awesome resume

  • The resume should have only the real information.

  • If you find that the most of your fellow students use a particular template for a resume, you have to make a different one.

Look at the scenario from the view point of recruiters. They are human beings and they get bored too. You can’t expect someone to hire you when you show a resume that they have already seen a hundred times but with a different name on it.

Make them feel that you are unique and one way of doing that is making an outstanding resume. (This doesn’t mean that you can add fake details to your resume. Recruiters will find that out easily as they have met thousands of students like you before).

Bottom line: Make an attractive resume with only the true information.


2. Looks does matter



  • The picture that you stick on your resume really matters. A genuine and pleasing smile can give people a good perspective on you.

(Here is a hack: Squint your eyes to make your smile look more genuine.)

  • Keep your clothing, face, and hairstyle professional.

Though many companies don’t care about the way you dress, a decent person is universally admired. The professional dressing is a safe bet.

Bottom line: Dress sharp and have a genuine smile.


3. It all starts with the confidence:

You don’t have to do any mental stunt or watch tons of motivational videos to get the confidence. Work hard to get the skills that you will want to do the job. When you know that you deserve the job, confidence comes along.

The reason why recruiters look for a confident person is that ‘honesty and confidence go hand in hand with each other’. Nobody wants to hire a fake person so, don’t fake your confidence too.



Don’t add fake things on your resume just to boost its volume and give a good first impression. Instead of designing a resume that will attract the recruiters, build a resume that actually talks about you.

A glamorous fake resume can only get their attention, but only a real one will gain their trust. Also, when you know that the details in the resume are real, you can be sure about answering any question related to it.

Bottom line: Build a simple resume that has the things that you have actually done and know about. This will automatically give you the confidence.


4. Preparation is not enough. Practice!

The tons of study materials can only teach you the concepts but only practice will help you avoid silly mistakes. Remember, that the aptitude tests are not going to give you step marks. You are either right or wrong. What is the point of all the preparations if you get the answers wrong due to the silly mistakes?

Use the Practice tools available online to make yourself a pro in aptitude.




Bottom line: Practising is the only way to avoid silly mistakes.


5. No more random preps!

“If you chase two rabbits both will escape.” So, stop preparing all the random stuff.

Select one company, read a lot about that company, its recruitment procedures, previous year questions, interview experiences, pay scale, job experiences, work life balance, and everything and then start preparing.



There is a site called PlacementSeason which provide all sorts of information required for company specific preparations. They also provide free mock tests for every company. I have personally used this site for my placement preparations. These mock tests have questions that match the type of questions in the actual company tests by 70%.


6. Don’t be careless about the Coding, Email writing rounds!



IT services companies look for candidates with the good vocabulary. So they have now included some email and essay writing rounds in their recruitment drives. So keep an eye on your writing skills too.

Aptitude and programming are equally important when it comes to IT companies. Knowing more than one programming language is also important. So make sure that you are an expert in C and know the basics of one of the following languages (C++, Java, Python, C#).

Also, try to learn the basics of DBMS, SQL and data analytics.

If you are in your pre-final year, try to get rid of all your backlogs in this semester itself. The last bench masterminds sadly fail to be eligible for most companies due to their backlogs.

If you have so many backlogs and if you think that you cannot clear them in this semester, then start to learn coding and become an awesome programmer. Because companies like Zoho  doesn't care about your mark sheets ( ONLY IF YOU ARE A GOOD PROGRAMMER).

Organize! Prepare! Practice! Get Placed!

All the best:)

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