Real names of WWE superstars

Dean Ambrose


WWE is the leader of the pro-wrestling industry. One of the main reasons of it is, its creative team that sets up crowd pulling stories. Their stories have been phenomenal and the way they are depicted takes it to another level. The characters in the stories play a major role in success of WWE. These characters are really well designed so that they could appeal to the audience.

However, these characters may not be necessarily the same in their real life. WWE stars undergo massive makeover to be a part of the storyline. They even have to change their name to make themselves relatable to the character, they are playing. Catchy names are given to these wrestlers so that, it can easily grow on the WWE universe. These stars whose names have become famous in every household aren’t actually their real names.

Here is the list of WWE superstars with their real names:-

#1 Lana – Catherin Perry:-


Lana portrays a lavishing Russian character, which would have crushed, if the creators would have used her real name. Her real name does not justify the character, she plays on screen. Name Lana was an instant hit and took off pretty quickly.


#2 Sasha Banks - Mercedes Kaestner-Varnado:-

 Sasha Banks

Sasha’s real name does sound bossy, like her on-screen character. However, the name being long and not catchy would have spoilt the party for Sasha. The name Sasha Banks has a ring to it and has become really popular. So, the creators were on point with the name.


#3 Rusev - Miroslav Barnyashev:-


The Russian monster has enjoyed a pretty successful reign, with his name Rusev. The name Rusev is easy for the crowd and commentator to grasp. His real name would have caused problems in communicating to everyone.


#4 Paige - Saraya- Jade Bevis:-


She has been wrestling since her teen days. She has enjoyed a pretty enchanting career with WWE. Her real name is not bad enough for a diva in WWE. However, the creators had different plans so, she was given the name Paige. Paige is now one of the most popular WWE stars.


#5 AJ Styles - Allen Jones:-

AJ Styles

AJ Styles is one of those stars who didn’t change their name for WWE. The reason being, his ring name was already popular across the globe. He has been one of the main attractions of the WWE in the recent months.


#6 Alberto Del Rio - Jose Rodriguez:-

Alverto Del Rio

Alberto was a star in Mexico, before joining WWE. He used to fight wearing a mask in Mexico. However, when he came to WWE, the creators removed his mask and gave him the name Alberto Del Rio.


#7 Big Show - Paul Wight:-

Big Show

The real name of Big Show has been revealed quite a few times. In the films he has done, his real name is only used in the credits. However, the creators have done a really good job in naming Wight.


#8 Bray Wyatt - Windham Rotunda:-

Bray Wyatt

Bray hails from the famous Rotunda family, who have left their legacy in the wrestling business. So, Bray Wyatt was destined to greatness. His dedication to his gimmick and his exemplary performance has received praises from everyone.


#9 Brock Lesnar - Brock Lesnar:-

Brock Lesnar

The beast requires no character and name to emphasize his domination in the business. Lesnar has used his real name from the starting of his career and has been one of the hottest properties in the wrestling industry.


#10 Cesaro - Claudio Castagnoli:-


The real name of Cesaro is hard to pronounce. It would have been really difficult for the fans and the commentators to get through it. That’s the reason, he was given a ring name that is easy to pronounce and has ring to it.a


#11 Chris Jericho - Christopher Irvine:-

Chris Jericho

Chris has been in the wrestling business for very long now. There is a common misconception in the minds of people that Jericho is his real name. However, Irvine is his real name, which is not really used often.


#12 Dean Ambrose - Jonathan Good:-

Dean Ambrose

Ambrose plays the character of a lunatic fringe. His real name would not have done justice to his character. Hence, when he came to WWE, he was named Dean Ambrose.


#13 Kane - Glenn Jacobs:-


Similar to the Big Show, Kane’s name has also been out in the public on numerous occasions, partly due to his movie career. He had few other ring names before settling on Kane. His ring name has now become a household name everywhere.


#14 Triple H- Paul Levesque:-Triple-H


Triple-H is rarely used now-a-days, as he has started moving towards a career in the corporate world. In the attitude era, he became popular by his name Triple-H, which is slowly diminishing.


#15 Randy Orton - Randall Orton:-

Randy Orton

The surname Orton has a huge history behind it. Randy’s grandfather and father have had legacy of their own in the industry. Hence, Randy used his real name only with a bit change in WWE.


#16 Kevin Owens - Kevin Steen:-

Kevin Owens

Kevin has used his real name during his independent run as a wrestler and doesn’t believe in performing a gimmick. However, WWE didn’t want him to use sheen so, they gave him Owens, which is the name of his son.


#17 Roman Reigns - Leati Anoa'i:-

Roman Reigns

Anoa’i family has a huge status in the wrestling industry, but they don’t use their real name. Similar was the case with Reigns, who was given a fitting name according to his character.


#18 Sami Zayn - Remi Sebel:-

Sami Zayn

Zayn’s real name was not catchy as his ring name. To justify the character of the wrestler, he was given the name Sami Zayn. He is enjoying a good run with the WWE.


#19 John Cena - John Cena:-

John Cena

Cena is one of those stars, who use their real name in the wrestling industry. Words aren’t enough to sum up the legacy left behind this superstar. He never falls short of entertaining the crowd with his in-ring performances.


#20 The Undertaker - Mark Calaway:-

The Undertaker

The Deadman is synonymous with the status legendary. He hung up his boots recently, but his legacy will forever be in the minds of the fans. Whatever may be his real name, he will always be remembered by his ring name Undertaker, such is the stature of his performances.















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