Real names of WWE superstars


WWE is the leader of the pro-wrestling industry. One of the main reasons of it is, its creative team that sets up crowd pulling stories. Their stories have been phenomenal and the way they are depicted takes it to another level. The characters in the stories play a major role in success of WWE. These characters are really well designed so that they could appeal to the audience.

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5 WWE superstars who had difficult childhoods


Having a difficult childhood can be a curse, while sometimes it can also be a blessing. It can break people and it can also motivate them to achieve something big. It takes hard work and determination to defy all the odds. WWE has seen wrestlers, who have risen above the difficult circumstances and have become a household name. These are really inspiring and are testament that anything can be achieved with hard work and determination.

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This is how John Cena’s proposal changed the complexion of the Wrestlemania 33


Wrestlemania was an event that was aimed at the diehard WWE fans. It consisted of dream matches that would never happen otherwise. Wrestlemania is painted as the dream of every fighter, but not sure about it now. The mentality of Wrestlemania has changed massively. Now the event is organised to appeal to the masses, to gain as much audience as possible. They don’t show any brutal matches, which were the heart of the event.


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Smackdown update: The show takes a huge hit; USO’s set to return


WWE currently has three brands which are Smackdown, RAW, and NXT. Smackdown is the blue brand of WWE is advertised by the name of Smackdown live. The show first debuted on 29th august, 1999 and is going strongly. There is total of 922 episodes being telecasting as per this week. The show was originally telecasted of Thursday’s but now is been moved to Tuesday’s. Daniel Bryan is currently the general manager of Smackdown.

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Here’s why Roman Reigns will not appear for the house events this week


Roman Reigns has the cover boy WWE for quite some time now. He has become one of the big guns in the WWE and is definitely a crowd favorite. Reigns enjoy a huge popularity and fan base across the globe. His appearance in the main events and weekly shows is evident. He is on his way to create a legacy which has never been created. He has destroyed his opponents, which includes the likes of the Viper, Randy Orton, and the beast, Brock Lesnar. He defeated Triple-H in a title match at the Wrestlemania 32, to be crowned as the WWE champion.

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