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5 reasons why we should not compare Messi and Ronaldo


This decade of football has been, undoubtedly, dominated by the two beasts, Messi and Ronaldo. The biggest question in the football now is who is the better Ronaldo or Messi? This never-ending debate has been going on since like forever. However, no result is reached at yet. Some believe Ronaldo is the best, while some believe Messi is the best.

Both the players inspire each other to perform better each day and take that extra giant leap.  But is it fair to both the greats to tie them to the standards of each other?   

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Get to know the IPL sensation Rahul Tripathi


In amid all the ferocious hard-hitting, an unknown boy from Pune, Rahul Tripathi, has blown away all the spectators with his mind-boggling performances. He has been the only consistent thing in the inconsistent run of RPS this season.

IPL is a blessing for young players:-

Krunal Pandeya playing for Mumbai Indians

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5 WWE superstars who had difficult childhoods


Having a difficult childhood can be a curse, while sometimes it can also be a blessing. It can break people and it can also motivate them to achieve something big. It takes hard work and determination to defy all the odds. WWE has seen wrestlers, who have risen above the difficult circumstances and have become a household name. These are really inspiring and are testament that anything can be achieved with hard work and determination.

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A tribute to Sachin Tendulkar: Why all the comparisons with him are irrelevant


Sachin Tendulkar, the name is enough to make the nation skip a heartbeat. The name has become synonymous with the game of cricket. There was a time when people of the nation would switch on their television sets, just to watch the master in play. There is a reason he is known as the god of cricket, the man has engraved his name in the heart of people not only in India but all over the world. Tendulkar is the standard that any player can only dream to achieve. Here are few reasons why no one can come close to the little master:-

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M.S Dhoni: Proving critics wrong since 2007


The former Indian captain has not been in the best of forms lately. M.S Dhoni has built a reputation for himself of being the best finisher in the world. Lately, he has been criticized a lot by former cricketers regarding his ability. Questions have been raised as to whether he should still be playing the shorter format of the game.

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Luke Shaw: The Tale of Hard Work


Luke Shaw is an English left back, who has come out of the Southampton youth system. He was born on 12th July 1995. Shaw was born in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey. From 2012-2014, he played at the Southampton in the first team. On 5th March 2014, he was picked for English National team and made his first appearance. In the summer of 2014, he was signed by the red devils for a whooping 30 million Euros, which was a world record transfer fee then. Later in the same year, he was also picked in the England squad for FIFA world cup.  

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5 Famous Personalities Who Rocked The World Without A Graduation Degree


College dropouts are usually looked down upon by many of the so-called educational classes because they are believed to be able to do practically nothing without a graduation degree. However, what would have happened if these same college drop-outs would have taken a stand and surprised the entire world with their passion and innovation? Would the world have mocked at them or would the same world have boasted of their caliber day in and day out?

So, let us meet some of the famous personalities who had dropped out of college and shocked the world!


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How an Enthusiastic young boy learnt Guitar

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This is a motivational story about a young guy from Pakistan named: Usman Riaz. This article is about how he learnt this unique art, and now he has became so famous.


Usman Riaz

About Usman Riaz was 6 year old when he started playing lassical piano. He started taking interest in other musical instruments. And, he did not look for someone who can come and let him learn these things. He choose online media like to learn these musical instruments. He actually taught himself these instruments using internet.

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