Google's Co-Founder Sergey Brin Is Building A Massive Airship


Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google is working on a gigantic airship "secretly" at one of the NASA centers and even though he denied of that, media is following around and after all, it may be real.

This Gigantic Airship is mainly being built for humanitarian missions mainly for supplying cargo and food all over the world. Here is everything we know about this airship.

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One Plus 3T Discontinued But Promises Updates And Support


One Plus officially announced the discontinuation of its flagship One Plus 3T. This was a shock to its user base as this news came out of the blue. Even though this is being rumoured for a few months, One Plus denied them a few months back but now it officially commented on the discontinuation.

One Plus 3T: Flagship Killer

One Plus 3T, an improved version of One Plus 3 received critical acclaim for a lot of potential packed into an industry unibody design that too at a fair price. Before going into the details, here are some key specs of this device:

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The Future Of Supermarkets Is Without Checkouts: Amazon Go

Have you ever dreamt of jogging down to your nearest supermarket, buy the things and reach home? That too without any queues, checking out counters and most importantly paying at that instant? Then it will soon be a reality as Amazon is trying to open supermarkets (maybe smart markets) where all the things mentioned above happen.

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The Famous Online Shooter Destiny Is Getting A Sequel

Destiny, the famous multiplayer shooter is getting a sequel. Announced by the developer Bungie itself, the game is from Activision Blizzard studios continuing the famous game Destiny. The sequel will be released on PC, XBOX and Playstation 4 later this year. The official launch of Destiny will be on September 8th. 


Before we discuss what's new with Destiny 2, here are some quick facts about Destiny 1. The game skipped its release on the PC platform and trended worldwide with a fast growing user base. 

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Uber Tried To Cheat Apple And Risked Its Identity On App Store


Uber, the pioneer in cab-hailing all over the world did not had its best moments all throughout its existence. Uber which changed the way people commute recently entered into India too and is known for its good services and advanced features.

With a tough competition going on between Uber and Ola in India and with other competitors in other places, Uber is taking safe steps for good growth. But unfortunately, it finds itself many times amidst controversies and conflicts.

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Lilium’s All Electric Flying Car


Ground Taxis are now becoming a thing of the past. Global warming and the population increase made commuting more and more difficult. This led to experts developing alternate transportation methods. As a result, we had Hyperloop(Tubes), SeaBubbles (Water), Aeromobil (Sky). Now another start up is trying to make a mark.

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All the Major Announcements From Facebook at F8


The largest social network Facebook is like a pillar to this world of technological advancements. From a dorm room to being the king of social networking, Facebook never looked back. It won’t be in the coming years too. With a lot of burning desire to expand its footprint, it is exploring the latest technology that is Virtual Reality and a lot more.

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Adobe's New Experimental App: Deep Photo Style Transfer


If there is one company that we can look out when coming to Photography related apps or technologies, Adobe Systems is the one. With always being one step forward in this area, Adobe is not stopping anymore. It is developing a new app that has something to do with AI to bring out some revolutionary features.

Adobe CC Photography Plan


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Stuck to Uber Taxi? SeaBubbles Is Launching Water Taxis (A Flying machine)


Transportation is now a major part of our lives. We are looking for new modes of transportation and investing heavily in breakthrough technologies. This continuous trails led us to Hyperloop which is being termed as the Fifth mode of transportation. But the heavy investment and infrastructure development is the minus point of this beautiful technology.

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