US Adds Laptop To The Electronics Banned On A Flight


Right now, all the aviation companies and countries are working on the same question. Do all electronics need to be banned? While many countries and aviation are agreeing to ban most of the electronics on flights with a hashtag on Twitter #electronicsban, even more countries are joining the decision that may affect our travel like never before. 

Why The Ban?

There is a wide range of reasons for the ban of electronics on the flights and some of the major ones are:

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Samsung S8 Iris Scanner Can Be Bypassed And The Method Is Very Simple


S8, the extraordinary flagship of Samsung is known for its advanced specs sheet and the elegant design. The device released this year boasts all the latest features. The phone which was a smash it lived to its expectations.

But now, the company is facing some issues when a group showcased a video where you can by pass the S8 Iris scanner.

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Vertu Signature Cobra Costs 2.3 Crores And Will Be Delivered In A Helicopter


Ever bought a phone that costs in lakhs? Forget lakhs, Vertu's new mobile Signature Cobra edition costs a whopping 2.3 crores. The phone is one of the most expensive devices out in the market, but in a weird twist, the phone is just a feature phone - a phone with a keypad. 


Vertu, British manufacturer and retailer of luxury and handmade mobile phones is once a part of Nokia but later bounced around multiple owners lastly reaching a Hong-Kong based company. Vertu is often known for its low-feature but crazy costing phones.

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One Plus 3T Discontinued But Promises Updates And Support


One Plus officially announced the discontinuation of its flagship One Plus 3T. This was a shock to its user base as this news came out of the blue. Even though this is being rumoured for a few months, One Plus denied them a few months back but now it officially commented on the discontinuation.

One Plus 3T: Flagship Killer

One Plus 3T, an improved version of One Plus 3 received critical acclaim for a lot of potential packed into an industry unibody design that too at a fair price. Before going into the details, here are some key specs of this device:

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Bluetooth 5 Is Here, But Only For Few Devices


Smartphones these days are in the hands of everyone. Connectivity between various smartphones can be achieved by various means. But the easy and simple one of all is Bluetooth. Not only Bluetooth connects phones, but it will allow your phone to control various devices with a simple tap. 

Bluetooth version is now upgraded to 5.0 recently and here what's new.

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Meet The Samsung's Stretchable Display


Samsung is always keen on making some of the breakthroughs in technology. It popularized the Android in phones, made AMOLED and OLED widely used and recently it is making the Tizen OS popular. Now, the South Korean tech giant is looking to make TVs more flexible (literally) and advanced and Samsung is very good at making consumer electronics. Recently, it announced a TV which bends but does not break. Before going into details, you have to know about the Flexible displays.

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Increase Your Productivity With Microsoft Whiteboard


Bussiness meetings can be a bit boring. Sitting around round tables and opening powerpoint and excel sheets sucks the energy of the members. Business meetings can be made even more interactive and fun with some interactive apps and software. Of course, productivity must not be compromised.

Microsoft is pushing a lot of buttons to do the same for Business professionals. It launched the Surface Studio, a big board for collaboration, its shared Office apps and now Whiteboard. 

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Its Hit Multiplayer Game Overwatch Anniversary: Here's Whats New!

Playing games in one of the biggest hobbies of people. Doing what you want in the Virtual world has more fans than you expect. Multiplayer takes the fun a bit higher as you can play along with others and even with your friends. One of the biggest and famous multiplayer is Overwatch.

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All You Need To Know Microsoft Surface Pro Released Today


Microsoft dropped its new addition to the Surface family as expected. Announced at the Shangai Event, Microsoft is releasing this device in various models. The Surface Pro ditched the number in its name to be an independent product and Microsoft claims even though the device looks the same, there are a lot of changes done internally.

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