Xbox Scorpio: All You Need To Know


Xbox, the name that is known for high quality and rich gaming experience. The console from Microsoft is known for its exclusive games rich in graphics and performance. Even though the games quantity is a little bit lesser than that of Playstation. the console is still considered one of the best.

Now, Microsoft is teasing the next-gen console under the name Project Scorpio which according to Microsoft will be the most powerful console ever. Let us see what it holds.

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Microsoft's Mixed Reality Headsets: What We Know


Have you ever dreamed of traveling a place without leaving your home? Ever thought of doing something very dangerous without getting hurt? Then you must have already tried Virtual reality(VR), with all the buzz around the VR headsets going on.

But there is another type of reality called Augmented reality (AR). Remember Pokemon Go? It is an augmented reality game. Aside VR and AR, another type of reality exists that is Mixed Reality. Both VR and AR comes under this Mixed Reality. 

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Xiaomi Opened Its First Store in India


Xiaomi after its huge success in India is looking to improve its footprint in the country. As a part of this, the company is looking to establish Mi stores all over the major cities of the country. Like its competitor, OnePlus which established a store in Bengaluru, Xiaomi did the same thing by first entering into the Tech hub of India, Bengaluru.

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Amazon's New Office and Retail Complex: Biodomes

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon wanted to improve the footprint of Amazon in its hometown Seattle, Washington USA. Amazon wanted to build a large campus at the centre of Seattle many years back, With the proposal accepted in the year 2013, Amazon since then is trying to make the construction distinct.

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Watchout for Google's Latest Products


Since its debut, Google is known for creating revolutions in the tech industry.  Be it hardware or softwareGoogle never failed to make a mark in any domain it entered. Especially in India Google has got fans all over who wait for the Google products one after the other. Gmail, YouTube, Google+, chrome browser etc. are the obvious products of Google but there is a lot more interesting stuff that Google has brought to the world. Let us discuss a few such innovations.

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Amazon Echo With Touch Screen: Leaked

Amazon is on a smash hit spree. Its products Echo, Fire TV and Prime Video are an official hit. The e-commerce company is also changing the way technology is being used in homes. With a motive to make homes smarter, it introduced previously mentioned Echo.

Amazon Echo

Featuring intelligent voice assistant Alexa, Echo is a voice-enabled speaker that can be used to play music, provide information, news etc.  With a wide range of support with various services like Spotify, Pandora, Google, Amazon music etc, the intelligent speaker was well received all over the world.

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OnePlus 5 Will Be Arriving This Summer: What To Expect?


Have you ever heard the story of David and Goliath? It is the story in which a small kid wins over a giant named Goliath. The same is going on in the smartphone market right now. OnePlus, the China-based smartphone is taking on biggies like Apple and Samsung and is surprisingly keeping up with them.

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