This is how John Cena’s proposal changed the complexion of the Wrestlemania 33


Wrestlemania was an event that was aimed at the diehard WWE fans. It consisted of dream matches that would never happen otherwise. Wrestlemania is painted as the dream of every fighter, but not sure about it now. The mentality of Wrestlemania has changed massively. Now the event is organised to appeal to the masses, to gain as much audience as possible. They don’t show any brutal matches, which were the heart of the event.


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Are you avoiding Marriage? Wait, Marriage improves Health!


Marriage and health are co-related to each other in the same way hard work and success are related to each other. One leads to another. A healthy marriage leads to a healthy life. Marital discord, on the other hand, leads to a poor quality of life and poor mental and physical health.

Why take our word for it?

You don’t have to.

There have been actual studies which have proved the fact that marriage is indeed linked to better health.

Let us talk about the first ever study conducted about whether marriage improved health.


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