The Must Try Sweets In Kolkata!


Kolkata, the City of Joy, is famous all over the world because of the huge collection and variation of delicious sweets. So, as sweets help in calming down your nerves and give you a good sleep at night, should you not think about having at least one sweet a day provided you are not suffering from diabetes? And, moreover, if you are staying in Kolkata or are visiting Kolkata, do you think you can escape with just a single bite of sweets even if you are following a strict diet?

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Is Red Wine Healthy for your Heart?


Red wine and the antioxidants and resveratrol present in it are supposed to be good for your heart. Let’s try to find out some of the facts and information about red wine and its health benefits in this article.

Drinking red wine in moderation has long been thought of as good for your heart. The alcohol and some other substances present in red wine known as “antioxidants” can help in preventing a heart attack by stimulating the production of good cholesterol and can also protect the arteries from any type of damage.

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A Cutting Chai Tale - Child Labor


One fine day, I was on my way back to home from college. As the rickshaw stand was crowded I decided to take a bus which halts near my residence. My stomach growled with hunger. So before boarding the bus, I stopped at small tea kiosk located near the bus stand for a Vada Pav and tea.

At the kiosk, I found a young, fragile boy, barely in his teens, taking up orders from other customers. He had a loose, torn and rugged vest on with stained blue shorts. As he moved across the cots placed before the stall, somehow my sight caught his attention.

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5 Ways in which A Foodie from Pune is different from that of Mumbai


Pune vs. Mumbai!

This has always been a sparked debate for the residents of the both the respective cities. And when it comes to the food options they serve, Pune seems to be a little reserved, accounting to a comparatively smaller area than Mumbai. While you can explore a lot of cuisines spread throughout the sprawling city of Mumbai and its suburbs, you are left to choose between a fewer number food joints in Pune that offer local food at their best, making the complicated puzzle of WHERE TO DINE a simpler one.

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Awesome Food - With Love from Paris


There is less speculation over the talk nowadays that Paris is the most romantic place on earth to take your partner for some best life moments. Yet many don’t know that fresh food is the ones which would make you forget all those moments too. Yes! French cuisine is that indulging and maddening.

Here are a list of the best French dishes and sweets found globally which would make you have a “oh my gosh” time.

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The various Omnium gatherum of cheese and wine you can not miss

The world seems so much like an astounding affair when the aroma of the fresh and chaste cheese strikes at the base of our nasal cavity leaving us more in love with the handsome dairy charmer. Cheese was discovered ages back and is still one of the oldest foods ranking high up as the most loved by people around the globe. Be that with a simple cracker or grated finely on the exotic pasta plate, adding more grace to the pizza base or sparkles to the class of Cabernet Sauvignon, cheese along with wine is considered world’s best food couple which would simply steal all the misery.

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Big Boss of Food - The Chappan bhog - Puri Dham

The Vedas and Puranas that sang the holy verses in praise of the hindu deities and rituals did mention the four division or tirtha places where the lord Vishnu was believed to carry out his daily works that included a holy bath in Rameswaram, a peaceful meditation at Badrinath, a pure sathvic meal at Puri dham and then relaxing at Dwarka.

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The Exotic Pahari Cuisine (Indian dish) you must taste while visiting


While the cottony soft dispersing clouds brush against your cheeks and the purple white flowers attract you nearer to them for a selfie or two you would surely get more involved with the hilly ranges of India and love to explore its culture and tradition. The cuisines are definitely a must try and will make you feel as if the whole stay was worth it. The places up in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh are those that would leave you mesmerised and aghast while the cuisines from Himalayas, garhwal and kumaon will leave you in a prodigious condition.

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