Google's Co-Founder Sergey Brin Is Building A Massive Airship


Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google is working on a gigantic airship "secretly" at one of the NASA centers and even though he denied of that, media is following around and after all, it may be real.

This Gigantic Airship is mainly being built for humanitarian missions mainly for supplying cargo and food all over the world. Here is everything we know about this airship.

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Turn Boring Data Into Interesting GIFS Now With Google


In pursuit of making our lives simpler, Google is continuously bringing new tools and services. A new tool announced by Google recently is a much simpler and easier than others to make data less boring. Being termed as Data Gif Maker.

Data Gif Maker

GIFs are basically images that move. What separates GIFs from Video is the size. They size almost the same as the image files. GIFs are now being user more than before thanks to GIPHY entry and conveying feelings through GIFs on social media.

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Google Added A New Tab To Your Search: Personal Tab That Shows Your Stuff


Google is making searching much smarter and easier. It added a lot of features that may not show a difference visually, but refining and revamping the search you use daily. The tech giant is now interlinking all its apps at one place to make it easier. In the process of doing this, it introduced a new feature called Personal Tab. 

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Google Jamboard: A Whiteboard For Business


Google like Microsoft is pushing itself into business and companies since a few years in various forms. Last year, it announced Google Suite, a Microsoft Office-like collection of all the software and apps required for business. During the same time, it also announced Jamboard. Now it got an Android app for your devices for better interaction.

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Android Go: The Project That Makes Budget Smartphones Powerful


The Google's I/O 2017 became the proving grounds of various new technologies and features to the Google ecosystem. Even though the keynote of the event circled mainly around Google Assistant and Google Home, Android Go is mostly unknown and ignored by many.

Here Is Why Android Go Is Important

Android Go project is to make the Android Operating system more widely available, affordable and attractive. The project though its meaning is not completely revealed, the collected information says a lot about this upcoming project. 

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All You Need To Know About Android O

Google made a lot of promises. Some were brought to life, some were scraped off. But there is one thing that Google will never disappoint users. It is Android. The tech giant never gives up on its smartphone operating system. Android which has a large user base all over the world never gets ignored.

Now it's that time of year again where Google will introduce a newer version of Android. Now, the Android version reached the alphabet O. It is the 15th android version to be released. Let us have a quick peek into the previous android versions.

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Now Turn Your Selfies Into Stickers Using Google Allo


Taking Selfies is now went mainstream. Most people even start their day with a sweet selfie. Taking selfies is mainly for two reasons separately or at a time

  1. How they are now
  2. How do they want to be?

A lot of apps now are solely on the play store for selfie-taking and selfie-enhancing. Instagram, Snapchat, and almost every other social networking apps rise were mostly due to selfie-based themes. Google Allo, the forgotten social networking app is eyeing on "taking selfies in an interesting way."

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