Xbox Scorpio: All You Need To Know


Xbox, the name that is known for high quality and rich gaming experience. The console from Microsoft is known for its exclusive games rich in graphics and performance. Even though the games quantity is a little bit lesser than that of Playstation. the console is still considered one of the best.

Now, Microsoft is teasing the next-gen console under the name Project Scorpio which according to Microsoft will be the most powerful console ever. Let us see what it holds.

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Google's Co-Founder Sergey Brin Is Building A Massive Airship


Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google is working on a gigantic airship "secretly" at one of the NASA centers and even though he denied of that, media is following around and after all, it may be real.

This Gigantic Airship is mainly being built for humanitarian missions mainly for supplying cargo and food all over the world. Here is everything we know about this airship.

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Google Jamboard: A Whiteboard For Business


Google like Microsoft is pushing itself into business and companies since a few years in various forms. Last year, it announced Google Suite, a Microsoft Office-like collection of all the software and apps required for business. During the same time, it also announced Jamboard. Now it got an Android app for your devices for better interaction.

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Amazon Fresh: Store on Wheels


Amazon is trying to bring stores to your home. The shopping giant which introduced cashier-free shopping is now eyeing to expand what it is now calling as "Amazon Fresh." Amazon is taking this as a crucial step in its expansion in the consumer market. It will be first available in the US competing with big markets like Walmart. 

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Bike of The Future: BMW Motorrad Concept Link


BMW, the German automaker is known for its luxurious and sporty cars. The company as a celebration of its 100 years existence is launching futuristic concept vehicles to make the smart mobility in the future. As a part of BMW Motorrad Vision Next 100, it unveiled a concept car, a futuristic bike named BMW Vision Motorrad and now it unveiled its concept BMW Motorrad concept Link.

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An Affordable and Compact Drone: DJI Spark


Drones, once as distant feature now became mainstream. The drone registrations are increasing daily and the applications of Drones are now being widely known. DJI, one of the leading drone's makers known for its famous drones Parrot, Phantom now came up with another new model. But this time it is more affordable and compact. 

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Meet The Samsung's Stretchable Display


Samsung is always keen on making some of the breakthroughs in technology. It popularized the Android in phones, made AMOLED and OLED widely used and recently it is making the Tizen OS popular. Now, the South Korean tech giant is looking to make TVs more flexible (literally) and advanced and Samsung is very good at making consumer electronics. Recently, it announced a TV which bends but does not break. Before going into details, you have to know about the Flexible displays.

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