Apple WWDC Is Around The Corner: Rumors and News Roundup


We have already witnessed multiple events from major tech companies like Google and Microsoft. And now it is time for Apple to announce all the new products and services. Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWD) 2017 is going to happen from June 5-9 and here are some rumours and news about the event.

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4 Websites That Will Boost Your Knowledge



Knowledge is power. Amidst out busy schedules, we often forget to keep track of things happening around us and gaining knowledge is completely ignored. Knowledge here means "learning something new and useful."

But you can keep tabs at least for one hour and check some websites that will boost your knowledge. A daily dose of knowledge is now more simple by visiting these websites.

So, here are 4 websites which you must check daily to boost your knowledge:

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Increase Your Productivity With Microsoft Whiteboard


Bussiness meetings can be a bit boring. Sitting around round tables and opening powerpoint and excel sheets sucks the energy of the members. Business meetings can be made even more interactive and fun with some interactive apps and software. Of course, productivity must not be compromised.

Microsoft is pushing a lot of buttons to do the same for Business professionals. It launched the Surface Studio, a big board for collaboration, its shared Office apps and now Whiteboard. 

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All You Need To Know Microsoft Surface Pro Released Today


Microsoft dropped its new addition to the Surface family as expected. Announced at the Shangai Event, Microsoft is releasing this device in various models. The Surface Pro ditched the number in its name to be an independent product and Microsoft claims even though the device looks the same, there are a lot of changes done internally.

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Meet A Robot Drill Which Aids In Reducing 2 Hours Surgery to 2.5 Minutes


Surgery is the most important component of Medical Science and also the crucial part of a Surgeon/Doctor life. Science and technology made the success rates of surgeries higher, The integration of various fields of expertise into surgeries made them better.

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Microsoft Build Conference: Highlights

Microsoft is on an advancing spree with continuous conferences, updates and new devices. The Build Conference held recently on May 10-12 became the centre stage for all the Microsoft's upcoming features that look awesome and very promising.

The presentation was surprisingly informative with the key people at Microsoft wasting a little time. Let us not waste time and go straight to the highlights of the conference.

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Microsoft Is All Set To Take On Google Chromebook


Not a day goes by without people using various types of devices for their daily tasks. With work becoming more location-independent and flexible, people are requiring devices with high portability and flexibility. Even though our smartphone is now powerful enough to handle various tasks, working on a small screen may not be comfortable in long run.

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